Q: do you have an online store/ would you ship any zines/patches? dying for the girl as a weapon one!

Yup! We are all sold out of zines but we still have some patches for sale here 

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We did it! We published our own book! First print of the book to be checked over

featuring works by some of The Coven

~copycat press release~

It recently came to our attention that two students/artists (Georgia Grace Gibson & Elle Haswell) were getting quite a lot of recognition for works they had copied from our artists Patricia Alvarado & Liv Thurley. After talking to them, the artists have acknowledged the issue but we just wanted to make a post explaining our point of view on the situation

1) We understand that the work was created in a school context and were meant to be “emulations” or “artists’ responses” to Liv & Patricia’s pieces, HOWEVER 2) when you make work like this, you absolutely MUST cite the original artist at all times and 3) it is NOT OK to submit this work to zines, magazines, contests, etc, and claim ownership over them without mentioning the original artist.

We do not want to make any enemies, but simply want to encourage up and coming artists to respect other artists’ works, follow their own original ideas and make work that is close to their heart and based on their own experiences, as opposed to simply using someone else’s ideas and crediting them as your own.



My screenprints are finally up on Etsy! Printed by hand, 4 ink layers, made with love & lots of attention to detail. Limited run of 20!

All prints are signed, dated & numbered out of 20. // Approx. 11 x 17 inches // 30$

Or if you have a tight budget, I also have a one-layer/pink version up for 15$ here